Puerto Vallarta Restaurant
4.1 Stars - Based on 1552 User Reviews
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Jane Boggs AvatarJane Boggs

- 12/01/2022 

Brandon Mora AvatarBrandon Mora

One order wrong. Immediately corrected but something was done different to it that didn't please the person who ordered. Not my favorite Mexican restaurant but... read more - 11/30/2022 

Ariea Neff AvatarAriea Neff

- 11/29/2022 

Brandi Dwenger AvatarBrandi Dwenger

Good food - 11/22/2022 

john mackison Avatarjohn mackison

- 11/22/2022 

Ken Love AvatarKen Love

Fantastic quality! If you are looking for that specific blend of flavors unique to south texas and tex-mex you need to eat here. - 11/06/2022 

Josh C AvatarJosh C

I'd love to rate this poorly so that it doesn't become more popular! Fantastic food! - 11/06/2022 

Nicole Ray AvatarNicole Ray

Great food and service - 11/06/2022 

Dan Hardin AvatarDan Hardin

- 11/06/2022 

Kenneth McKinney AvatarKenneth McKinney

- 11/06/2022 

Jade Shepherd AvatarJade Shepherd

- 9/27/2022 

M S (WulfRanger) AvatarM S (WulfRanger)

- 9/25/2022 

Brandon Mora AvatarBrandon Mora

- 9/24/2022 

Charissa G AvatarCharissa G

- 9/22/2022 

Erin Fetz AvatarErin Fetz

Staff is friendly and food was great - 9/07/2022 

Chloe Turner AvatarChloe Turner

Good quality food & service, good fountain coke, pleasant & clean atmosphere, I am repeat customer. We like combination dinners, chimichanga, Acapulco, pollo a la... read more - 8/24/2022 

Artemio tempa Tempa AvatarArtemio tempa Tempa

Grandioso.la carne asada el menudo grandioso.servicio - 8/17/2022 

msbutler59 Avatarmsbutler59

We had about 20 people in their separate dining room and it worked out well. Food came out quickly and was hot and tasty. - 8/15/2022 

Chris Abromavage AvatarChris Abromavage

My first time here but won't be my last. The wife and I met our daughter and her fiance here for lunch who are... read more - 8/14/2022 

Bobetta Shaw AvatarBobetta Shaw

Fresh and hot, service was great and drinks were on the money. - 8/14/2022 

Deborah Duffy AvatarDeborah Duffy

- 8/13/2022 

Rachel Hubbard AvatarRachel Hubbard

- 8/12/2022 

Walter Dinda (Walt) AvatarWalter Dinda (Walt)

The chicken fajitas were very good My lady ordered beef enchiladas. However they served her chicken. The corrected the order half way thru ... read more - 8/09/2022 

Jimbo Lee AvatarJimbo Lee

- 8/09/2022 

Virginia Mller AvatarVirginia Mller

Everything was fresh didn't seem like it was premade! Hard to find lately! My son loved their chips and salsa and of course got the... read more - 8/02/2022 

Brent Beeson AvatarBrent Beeson

This place is a regular for my family and me, they are amazing people, always warm and accommodating. Main thing is that their food is... read more - 8/02/2022 

Widlord Thomas AvatarWidlord Thomas

Great food!! - 1/25/2022 

rachel cortes Avatarrachel cortes

- 1/13/2022 

Hector Rodriguez AvatarHector Rodriguez

Los alimentos, la elaboración, atenciones y él servicio muy bueno - 1/10/2022 


- 1/10/2022 

A M AvatarA M

Burrito special was perfect, not spicy hot, had genuine home made taste and quick service fit for a king. Ambience and several patrons added to... read more - 1/03/2022 

Breondra Burks AvatarBreondra Burks

The food is and has always been amazing. The service is good, and the Margaritas are the best in town. - 1/03/2022 

David Hashman AvatarDavid Hashman

Great food Great service - 1/03/2022 

Sida Grecian AvatarSida Grecian

Love that place - 1/03/2022 

Victoria Crowe AvatarVictoria Crowe

- 1/03/2022 

Jesylyn Batman AvatarJesylyn Batman

- 12/29/2021 

Sean Murphy AvatarSean Murphy

- 12/27/2021 

Brian Riddle AvatarBrian Riddle

- 12/10/2021 

Cosmic Reads Tarot AvatarCosmic Reads Tarot

Super nice people. The food is always good and fast. - 12/08/2021 

Heather King Arnold AvatarHeather King Arnold

My family and I , absolutely love Puerto, we go there all the time👅💦 great fast yummy food! We love this place ❤️ - 12/04/2021 

Jacob Huls AvatarJacob Huls

- 11/29/2021 

Kathy Lovan AvatarKathy Lovan

- 11/22/2021 

David Atkins AvatarDavid Atkins

- 11/22/2021 

Catrisha Vittitow AvatarCatrisha Vittitow

- 11/22/2021 

Andrew Kimbell AvatarAndrew Kimbell

- 11/15/2021 

Tanya Ratliff AvatarTanya Ratliff

One of the best Tamales I've had. The rice and beans are really good too. The kids loved the chips and the fries. - 11/13/2021 

Dustin Warford AvatarDustin Warford

It was awesome waiters were friendly they looked nice and they acted professional - 11/13/2021 

Daniel Borders AvatarDaniel Borders

One of our fav places. Food is always good and fast. Staff is super friendly. - 11/13/2021 

John Templeton AvatarJohn Templeton

Literally go here once a week lol. Love it. - 11/13/2021 

Jesus Ochoa AvatarJesus Ochoa

carne ala tampiqueña .delicious - 11/13/2021 

Bryant Minnis AvatarBryant Minnis

Excellent food, friendly staff. - 11/13/2021 

Douglas Branstetter AvatarDouglas Branstetter

Great food friendly people. - 11/13/2021 

Dale Hartlerode AvatarDale Hartlerode

Was next door at 111 - 11/13/2021 

Starry Dreams AvatarStarry Dreams

Wonderful place - 11/13/2021 

Tamara “LadyT” Huckleberry AvatarTamara “LadyT” Huckleberry

- 11/13/2021 

Susan Rieske AvatarSusan Rieske

- 11/13/2021 

Dewey McCowan AvatarDewey McCowan

- 11/13/2021 

Teri-Anne Roy AvatarTeri-Anne Roy

- 11/13/2021 

Alvarado María AvatarAlvarado María

First time dining here. Food was out nice and warm. Great portions. Friendly staff. Only minus, was most of the alcoholic beverages on there menu... read more - 10/31/2021 

Dennis Kidwell AvatarDennis Kidwell

Great service, food was hot and came out quick and was delicious. I ordered the steak burrito and enjoyed it. - 10/13/2021 

Erica Payne AvatarErica Payne

- 10/13/2021 

Missy Hazelip AvatarMissy Hazelip

- 10/13/2021 

Mary Kim AvatarMary Kim

- 10/13/2021 

ManningAvenger AvatarManningAvenger

5 star rating Great Mexican restaurant This is an enjoyable Mexican restaurant, one of the best. I loved the chicken shrimp and rice covered in cheese. The wife loved her chimichanga... read more - 9/25/2021 

Jessica Castribrightma AvatarJessica Castribrightma

This is one of our favorite places to eat great family experience and very clean and wonderful service there needs to be more restruants like... read more - 9/13/2021 

living cancer Avatarliving cancer

The food is always good. I recommend the Pablo special and Is special. Wait time It's never too long, and the wait staff is always... read more - 9/13/2021 

Elizabeth Rubio AvatarElizabeth Rubio

This place was so good i loved the food and its just a really nice resturant i totally recommend it - 9/13/2021 

Anabel MaciasBart AvatarAnabel MaciasBart

Excelente servicio de los meseros, sacan pronto la comida y el sabor es muy bueno ! - 9/13/2021 

Barton Cooper AvatarBarton Cooper

Everything was good service was fast. - 9/13/2021 

Jerry D. Parker AvatarJerry D. Parker

Excellent food, great service!!! - 9/13/2021 

Nitrogeninhaler AvatarNitrogeninhaler

Pretty good - 9/13/2021 

Judy Grismer AvatarJudy Grismer

- 9/13/2021 

Tyler Neal AvatarTyler Neal

- 9/13/2021 

A B AvatarA B

- 9/13/2021 

Dee Mivelaz AvatarDee Mivelaz

- 9/13/2021 

Merrilee MusicGirl AvatarMerrilee MusicGirl

I'm from out of town & always make it a point to eat here when visiting, a couple of times each year. Great food,... read more - 8/13/2021 

Aaron Miller AvatarAaron Miller

Food was great, cooked perfect and our waitress was very attentive. We had came in for a quick lunch break and had us in... read more - 8/13/2021 

Crystal D. AvatarCrystal D.

Food is always fresh and delicious! restaurant is very clean and welcoming! - 8/13/2021 

Ellen Kuhn AvatarEllen Kuhn

Always great service and great food! It is our favorite lunch spot! - 8/13/2021 

Maggie Meléndez-Quiñones AvatarMaggie Meléndez-Quiñones

Waiters are nice. Great atmosphere. - 8/13/2021 


Friendly staff - 8/13/2021 

Brenda vest AvatarBrenda vest

Great food - 8/13/2021 

Joyce Cortez AvatarJoyce Cortez

Good food - 8/13/2021 

Sandra Vance AvatarSandra Vance

Good food - 8/13/2021 

Amanda Woodson AvatarAmanda Woodson

- 8/13/2021 

Matt Merriman AvatarMatt Merriman

- 8/13/2021 

Ana Pena AvatarAna Pena

- 8/13/2021 

Kentuckiana Renovations LLC AvatarKentuckiana Renovations LLC

- 8/13/2021 

Sara Muncy AvatarSara Muncy

- 8/13/2021 

Cassidey Cole AvatarCassidey Cole

- 8/13/2021 

Nico AvatarNico

- 8/13/2021 

Rodney Tyler AvatarRodney Tyler

This restaurant is a good nice place to eat now you got good food friendly service and it's authentic I recommend trying it out if... read more - 7/13/2021 

Michael Ciresi AvatarMichael Ciresi

Still the nest Mexican restaurant in Southern Indiana and Louisville. Been going for over 12 years and don't plan to stop. - 7/13/2021 


We come here regularly. The food and service is great. Best flan I've ever had. - 7/13/2021 

Charles Paape AvatarCharles Paape

BEST mexican food in town. Definitely a different taste than all the others. - 7/13/2021 

Richard Sobol AvatarRichard Sobol

Frozen strawberry Margaritas... perfect - 7/13/2021 

April Harness AvatarApril Harness

Best Mexican food in town..hands down - 7/13/2021 

Arthur Steineck AvatarArthur Steineck

Love the Taquitos Mexicali. - 7/13/2021 

Utopia AvatarUtopia

Great for lunch or dinner! - 7/13/2021 

Tony Aemmer AvatarTony Aemmer

Great service and food - 7/13/2021 

shon watt Avatarshon watt

Good food - 7/13/2021 

Elizabeth Bryant AvatarElizabeth Bryant

- 7/13/2021 

Braxton Turner AvatarBraxton Turner

- 7/13/2021 

Bonita Wheelock AvatarBonita Wheelock

- 7/13/2021 

Elliot Peter AvatarElliot Peter

- 7/13/2021 

Tamara Smith AvatarTamara Smith

- 7/13/2021 

Jeff Hattabaugh AvatarJeff Hattabaugh

- 7/13/2021 

KY_EMT54109 AvatarKY_EMT54109

5 star rating Great service By far my favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. The service was great, our server was very friendly and attentive. The menu... read more - 7/05/2021 

Gigi Fry AvatarGigi Fry

We ate there on Cinco de Mayo and were given commemorative t-shirts. There was a singer there who knew all the familiar Mexican classics. The... read more - 6/13/2021 

andrew hardy Avatarandrew hardy

10/10 highly recommend! We will definitely be back! - 6/13/2021 

Jose Hernandez AvatarJose Hernandez

The food is great 100/100 recommended - 6/13/2021 

Jason Sanchez AvatarJason Sanchez

- 6/13/2021 

Josie Hickman AvatarJosie Hickman

- 6/13/2021 

Abby Wrightman AvatarAbby Wrightman

- 6/13/2021 

Joseph C. Morgan AvatarJoseph C. Morgan

Excellent food ....fast service....😊😊 - 6/12/2021 

Michele Ann McGloshen AvatarMichele Ann McGloshen

good food and drinks. cheese is awesome. - 5/17/2021 

Hanni-lori Bragdon AvatarHanni-lori Bragdon

Everything I have ever eaten there has been completely perfect. Quick, friendly service and some of the best food around. I could eat there every... read more - 5/13/2021 

Marcus Thompson AvatarMarcus Thompson

Awesome experience. Live music and great food. Definitely a great Mexican restaurant. - 5/13/2021 

Jason Green AvatarJason Green

The food and service was good ,however, neither was exceptional. - 5/13/2021 

Michelle Skaggs AvatarMichelle Skaggs

Love coming here food and service is always good - 5/13/2021 


Excellent!!!!! Great food and service !!! - 5/13/2021 

Carl Law AvatarCarl Law

The service & food was excellent. - 5/13/2021 

John Van Winkle AvatarJohn Van Winkle

If not the best it's close to it - 5/13/2021 

David Dickson AvatarDavid Dickson

Great service, great food! - 5/13/2021 

Larry Squyres AvatarLarry Squyres

Good food - 5/13/2021 

Maria Ramos AvatarMaria Ramos

exelent - 5/13/2021 

Walter Richardson AvatarWalter Richardson

Luv it - 5/13/2021 

Amy Hadley AvatarAmy Hadley

- 5/13/2021 

Kimberly Stikes AvatarKimberly Stikes

- 5/13/2021 

Andrew Rodriguez AvatarAndrew Rodriguez

- 5/13/2021 

DAvid Elliott AvatarDAvid Elliott

Great restaurant great food great service first time I've ate here I will be back many more times thanks - 4/13/2021 

Gordon Brown AvatarGordon Brown

Good food...our waiter was a little slow but he was a nice guy. - 4/13/2021 

Terry Crum AvatarTerry Crum

It's was the best Mexican restaurant we have ever had - 4/13/2021 

Bryant Ferguson AvatarBryant Ferguson

Food was good and the restaurant was busy - 4/13/2021 

Sturgis Traveler AvatarSturgis Traveler

Always awesome as usual - 4/13/2021 

Bailey Jent AvatarBailey Jent

Very good as always - 4/13/2021 

Tommy Patton AvatarTommy Patton

Great food - 4/13/2021 

Marisol Juarez Flores AvatarMarisol Juarez Flores

- 4/13/2021 

Sonia Clark AvatarSonia Clark

- 4/13/2021 

Mr. Moody AvatarMr. Moody

- 4/13/2021 

Karl Barnett AvatarKarl Barnett

- 4/13/2021 

Tammy Hert AvatarTammy Hert

- 4/13/2021 

Misty Brantley AvatarMisty Brantley

- 4/13/2021 

Eric Roehrig AvatarEric Roehrig

The Volcun is amazing! A must try and enough food for 2! Great service and great salsa with lots of flavor unlike a lot of... read more - 3/13/2021 

The Trap Furry AvatarThe Trap Furry

Love this place and cannot recommend it enough. Great service, prices, and portion sizes. AAAAA! - 3/13/2021 

Chet Booth AvatarChet Booth

Great place to eat, loved there food - 3/13/2021 

Zaquoya Tinsley AvatarZaquoya Tinsley

One of my favorites. Love the staff - 3/13/2021 

Rachael Gividen AvatarRachael Gividen

Amazing service, delicious food, - 3/13/2021 

Westley Harris AvatarWestley Harris

Great place! Love the Pina meal - 3/13/2021 

Sherri Gividen AvatarSherri Gividen

Great food! Excellent service - 3/13/2021 

Jeremy Bertrand AvatarJeremy Bertrand

Great food and service - 3/13/2021 

Eric Blanton AvatarEric Blanton

Fast friendly service - 3/13/2021 

Deanne Palmer AvatarDeanne Palmer

- 3/13/2021 

Shannon Carter AvatarShannon Carter

- 3/13/2021 

Leah Poindexter6 AvatarLeah Poindexter6

- 3/13/2021 

Patrick Hutchins AvatarPatrick Hutchins

Great experience over all. The staff was very polite and very efficient in making sure all of our needs was taking care of. The food... read more - 2/13/2021 


Good food at fair prices. Decent atmosphere. During Covid adequate would need not to be crowded in order to be safe as small spacing. - 2/13/2021 

Jason Pack AvatarJason Pack

Delicious food and friendly staff! Would 100 percent go back - 2/13/2021 

Eric Williford AvatarEric Williford

Excellent service, Reasonably priced and fresh food. - 2/13/2021 

Carolyn Bouteiller AvatarCarolyn Bouteiller

Fantastic people service and food!!! - 2/13/2021 

Thomas Lardner AvatarThomas Lardner

Outstanding service and better food! - 2/13/2021 

amparo izquierdo Avataramparo izquierdo

Exelente atención y comida - 2/13/2021 

Terry Wahl AvatarTerry Wahl

Great service and food - 2/13/2021 

Jason Pack AvatarJason Pack

Delicious! - 2/13/2021 

Keara Tolnay AvatarKeara Tolnay

- 2/13/2021 

Jon Henderson AvatarJon Henderson

- 2/13/2021 

Jerry Rehor AvatarJerry Rehor

- 2/13/2021 

Andrew Caldwell AvatarAndrew Caldwell

- 2/13/2021 

Rebecca Everhart AvatarRebecca Everhart

- 2/13/2021 

Tracy Thomas AvatarTracy Thomas

Love this place! Favorite - 1/29/2021 

Maxwell Malone (Wellitis) AvatarMaxwell Malone (Wellitis)

Best margaritas in town! I love going there to have tamales. I decided to be adventurous and got a mango daiquiri which was one of... read more - 1/13/2021 

Dylan Hill AvatarDylan Hill

I feel like this is another Puerto Vallarta, which is not a bad thing at all. All Puerto's are delicious and this one is as... read more - 1/13/2021 

Cosmic Corgi AvatarCosmic Corgi

The service is always good. We go for lunch a lot and never have to wait very long. The food is always filling and delicious.... read more - 1/13/2021 

Jason Hardy AvatarJason Hardy

The food is absolutely delicious! The staff is great. - 1/13/2021 

William Swanson AvatarWilliam Swanson

Always good,always fast staff is very friendly - 1/13/2021 

Kasey Surface AvatarKasey Surface

Great service, hot food. Clean facility - 1/13/2021 

Joyce Ellis AvatarJoyce Ellis

The food was delicious - 1/13/2021 

samantha Kelley Avatarsamantha Kelley

- 1/13/2021 

tabitha rue Avatartabitha rue

- 1/13/2021 

Cory Stark AvatarCory Stark

- 1/13/2021 

Michael Cavaliere AvatarMichael Cavaliere

- 1/13/2021 

Hope Tillman AvatarHope Tillman

Always love the food here. Been going here for years and I have yet to be disappointed! Very fast and friendly service too. - 12/13/2020 

sasha robinson Avatarsasha robinson

Customer service is great. The food is greater! My go to when I'm craving Mexican and want something fast and good. - 12/13/2020 

Christian Vasquez AvatarChristian Vasquez

Great delicious food. I'm going to recommend this place to everyone. Great atmosphere. - 12/13/2020 

Brent Priddy AvatarBrent Priddy


Jay Hendrick AvatarJay Hendrick

Always good food , always friendly staff! - 12/13/2020 

Hector Castaneda AvatarHector Castaneda

Very good carnitas (fried pork) - 12/13/2020 

Cindy Crone AvatarCindy Crone

Love the food and the service - 12/13/2020 

francisco padierna Avatarfrancisco padierna

Just one word...AMAZING - 12/13/2020 

Angela Bartley AvatarAngela Bartley

Great food and service - 12/13/2020 

Douglas Womack AvatarDouglas Womack

Great food and fast - 12/13/2020 

Guadalupe Reinteria AvatarGuadalupe Reinteria

- 12/13/2020 

Joanie Elliott-Gray AvatarJoanie Elliott-Gray

- 12/13/2020 

Lindsay AvatarLindsay

- 12/13/2020 

Jacob Polowy AvatarJacob Polowy

- 12/13/2020 

Sammy Louden AvatarSammy Louden

- 12/13/2020 

Millette Meriwether AvatarMillette Meriwether

- 12/13/2020 

Paul Geary AvatarPaul Geary

- 12/13/2020 

Amy Polowy AvatarAmy Polowy

- 12/13/2020 

Scott Bedell AvatarScott Bedell

- 12/13/2020 

jeffrey richert Avatarjeffrey richert

- 12/13/2020 

Lauren Densford AvatarLauren Densford

- 12/13/2020 

Chris David AvatarChris David

- 12/13/2020 

Jennifer Bowles AvatarJennifer Bowles

- 12/13/2020 

Caroline Dereere Perry (Cat) AvatarCaroline Dereere Perry (Cat)

- 12/13/2020 

Lizbeth Garcia AvatarLizbeth Garcia

- 12/13/2020 

Jose Vasquez AvatarJose Vasquez

- 12/13/2020 

Jennifer Eldridge AvatarJennifer Eldridge

- 12/13/2020 

Cory hoke AvatarCory hoke

- 12/13/2020 

michael connor Avatarmichael connor

- 12/13/2020 

Maria Schmidt AvatarMaria Schmidt

- 12/13/2020 

Anna Macrom Bautista AvatarAnna Macrom Bautista

Excelentes micheladas y cantaritos 🤩🤩🤩 - 11/02/2020 

Johnnie Blake AvatarJohnnie Blake

Great people and very courteous have never had bad food great place - 10/14/2020 

Tiffney Mann Runyon AvatarTiffney Mann Runyon

Great food and great service always - 10/12/2020 

Diane Mares AvatarDiane Mares

The whole package. Atmosphere, food and staff r great!!! - 10/03/2020 

Amy Hadley AvatarAmy Hadley

Love this place!!! Best margaritas around❤ - 9/13/2020 

Bri Bartlett AvatarBri Bartlett

Cheap and really good food with amazing waiters. So quick to get the food out too - 11/16/2019 

Tina Kuzdal AvatarTina Kuzdal

good food. great service. - 10/13/2019 

Ron Evans AvatarRon Evans

Nice establishment, tasty food, attentive personnel, fast service! Try the “Volcano” dish (boiling like a 🌋 volcano when it’s served to you), and very tasty!... read more - 7/09/2019 

Marlene Brooks McDonald AvatarMarlene Brooks McDonald

my favorite food awesome people there - 6/21/2019 

Jamie M AvatarJamie M

5 star rating Fajitas are AMAZING!!!! The salsa (their house AND the hot stuff) is the real deal, and the fajitas are out of this world! Perfectly seasoned and cooked.... read more - 6/18/2019 

Supersora89 AvatarSupersora89

5 star rating Great Food! My friend and I came here for dinner on a Friday night. We looked this place up on Google and it was close to our... read more - 4/14/2019 

Will Skaggs AvatarWill Skaggs

Fast and inexpensive , eat there often - 12/31/2018 

WaterlooWest AvatarWaterlooWest

5 star rating Very Authenic We had a late dinner meal here after a long days drive. Our driver wanted a Mexican restaurant and I had seen a good... read more - 10/18/2018 

Lisa Dawson AvatarLisa Dawson

One of our favorite places to eat. Everything is always delicious, the servings are generous and the prices are very reasonable. Highly recommend. - 10/09/2018 

Whitney Shaw AvatarWhitney Shaw

This place is our favorite. The staff know us and they always take good care of us. The food is delicious and only costs a... read more - 10/08/2018 

Brent Trish Githens Thornton AvatarBrent Trish Githens Thornton

great food...great service.. - 10/07/2018 

Marty Vedok AvatarMarty Vedok

Best Mexican food around! - 10/07/2018 

Katie Stewart AvatarKatie Stewart

Food gets there so quick!! - 9/14/2018 

Greg K AvatarGreg K

4 star rating Quick Dinner My wife and I had dinner there. The burrito was very good and my wife had chicken, rice and cheese. She loved it. The beer... read more - 8/27/2018 

Misty Neilson AvatarMisty Neilson

- 7/27/2018 

Lynn Percell AvatarLynn Percell

Great service And great food!!!! We'll definitely be back - 7/14/2018 

Msbutler59 AvatarMsbutler59

This is the BEST Mexican food restaurant going in Kentuckiana. Antonio and his crew are very friendly, courteous and attentive to what you need. The... read more - 4/15/2018 

Michelle Saunders Herron AvatarMichelle Saunders Herron

Best margaritas in town! Very nice waiters as well. �� - 3/04/2018 

Shelby Lynne AvatarShelby Lynne

- 1/30/2018 

Dora K AvatarDora K

5 star rating Dinner with Friends I really enjoy this restaurant. The food and service is excellent. Great prices and the staff is friendly. A fun atmosphere. - 11/16/2017 

Cheryl Lambert Benzick AvatarCheryl Lambert Benzick

Their salsa is fresh and the other food is very good. Very reasonably priced. One of my favorite places to eat!! - 11/11/2017 

Nelson A Pereira Rodriguez AvatarNelson A Pereira Rodriguez

- 10/31/2017 

Karen Allen Robinson AvatarKaren Allen Robinson

- 7/27/2017 

Isma Pedroza AvatarIsma Pedroza

- 6/26/2017 

Mauna Christine Bergfeld AvatarMauna Christine Bergfeld

- 3/30/2017 

Debbie Martindale Behrends AvatarDebbie Martindale Behrends

The food is fantastic and the service is always excellent! One of four favorite restaurants in Jeffersonville. My husband and I always get a double... read more - 3/10/2017 

Melissa Gilbert AvatarMelissa Gilbert

- 12/27/2016 

Steve Kays AvatarSteve Kays

- 12/25/2016 

Michael B AvatarMichael B

5 star rating Never a bad meal I ordered something I never ordered before , Carlos Special and it was REAL good. My wife and daughter liked their meals pretty well too.... read more - 12/07/2016 

Jason Evans AvatarJason Evans

Great food and fast friendly service at a reasonable price - 11/23/2016 

Phyllis Bosco Zaepfel AvatarPhyllis Bosco Zaepfel

- 10/30/2016 

Carol Stubblefield AvatarCarol Stubblefield

My family and I have been coming here for nearly 10 years. My grandson was in an infant carrier the first time and he will... read more - 10/28/2016 

Patricia L. Pedroza AvatarPatricia L. Pedroza

We always eat there! Our favorite place, and the workers are just like family! Always glad to see them! - 10/11/2016 

Carla Abrahams AvatarCarla Abrahams

- 10/10/2016 

Deserree Simonson AvatarDeserree Simonson

Great food. Service is always good. Our favorite place for Mexican food - 10/09/2016 

Kendra Graham AvatarKendra Graham

My Favorite Place!!! Great food! Great service!! ! - 9/29/2016 

Genet Floyd Hofer AvatarGenet Floyd Hofer

- 9/18/2016 

Tina Cruse AvatarTina Cruse

I will give a 4 the food is always excellent, but the service was horrible, he was to slow, and didn't get our drink tell... read more - 8/27/2016 

James  B AvatarJames B

4 star rating Love the Carnitas! This is a very good place for Mexican Cuisine, LOVE the Carnitas dinner & Arroz Con Pollo. They seat very fast and the service is excellent - 8/16/2016 

Bill M AvatarBill M

5 star rating Awesome I had a taco salad it was probably one of the best ones I had in a long time there was no waiting we walked... read more - 8/11/2016 

Amanda Cocke AvatarAmanda Cocke

- 8/01/2016 

Bruce Anderson AvatarBruce Anderson

- 7/25/2016 

Fred Tackett AvatarFred Tackett

- 7/13/2016 

robkat1828 Avatarrobkat1828

4 star rating Always Great Mexican Food We always go here for a family sit down Mexican meal. My wife and daughter had the steak burritos . I had the combination burrito... read more - 6/30/2016 

Sarah English AvatarSarah English

- 6/08/2016 

Dennis L AvatarDennis L

5 star rating Great Mexican food in Jeff My wife and I was hungry while shopping in the area one day and dropped in for lunch. My wife had the Chimichanga and I... read more - 5/18/2016 

Suzanna Henning AvatarSuzanna Henning

- 5/07/2016 

cruella53 Avatarcruella53

5 star rating Great food fast! I love the food at Puerta Vallarta. The service is always great. The food always comes out fast and hot! Everything is... read more - 4/12/2016 

car2chief Avatarcar2chief

5 star rating Good eats The food was very good and the prices are reasonable. The waiter did a good job and kept our drinks full but he was not... read more - 3/22/2016 

880shellieh Avatar880shellieh

5 star rating Great food and service! Great Mexican food. Waiters are funny and attentive! Fast service too! Quality food at a good price. - 3/03/2016 

Michael B AvatarMichael B

5 star rating Nice place to have birthday party dinner I recently went to a family birthday party dinner at Puerto Vallarta. The service was FAST and the food was exceptional. The servers were accommodating... read more - 2/08/2016 

Lindsay F AvatarLindsay F

5 star rating Excellent Mexican Food All of the food is very good. Nice place for lunch, quick and friendly service. Great value on the lunch specials. - 1/29/2016 

Jerrie B AvatarJerrie B

5 star rating Pleasant and Professional Puerto Vallarta is a good Mexican Restaurant. What made the visit enjoyable was the way our waiter was attentive to our needs: warm chips constantly... read more - 11/03/2015 

A_Happy_Gardner AvatarA_Happy_Gardner

4 star rating Fast and good The food here is very good and super fast! The only downside is that the servers can be really rude. We actually stopped going here... read more - 9/30/2015 

Jim N AvatarJim N

5 star rating Puerto Puerto Vallarta is by far our favorite Mexican restaurant in Jeffersonville. Large selection of great dishes. Great serving staff. - 7/02/2015 

sereana2000 Avatarsereana2000

4 star rating Best Mexican This is one of my favorite Mexican places. Good margaritas and great food for the price! Friendly staff and food is always served fast. - 5/29/2015 

Marco Antonio Trujillo Ortiz AvatarMarco Antonio Trujillo Ortiz

- 5/25/2015 

RacingFan14 AvatarRacingFan14

5 star rating Excellent food and fast service! The title says it all. The food was of excellent quality, and came out hot, fresh, and excellently prepared. We were seated instantly, and the... read more - 4/19/2015 

Jim7447 AvatarJim7447

5 star rating Good Mexican Food You can expect to get the same good food and excellent service at the Jeffersonville Puerto Vallarta. We have 3 grandchildren, ages 17, 10 and... read more - 3/19/2015 

TonyS1950 AvatarTonyS1950

4 star rating Good Food, good atmosphere, good service! While ;it's a pretty typical Mexican restaurant it's food seems a notch above, it's clean, the staff members are friendly, and it's a good dependable... read more - 3/17/2015 

Crazaleigh AvatarCrazaleigh

Great salsa. I'm from California and moved to Jeffersonville, Indiana recently. It's very hard to find good Mexican food out here. The menu is very... read more - 3/07/2015 

katie p Avatarkatie p

5 star rating Great food/service Great food and wonderful service, margaritas always taste amazing and Puerto Vallarta Fajitas are all I get! Really good! - 1/11/2015 

Jenilyn B Braden AvatarJenilyn B Braden

- 1/10/2015 

Ray G AvatarRay G

5 star rating Great Service Wonderful place to Eat. Extremely fast service. The food is wonderful. We ordered our food and it came in five minutes. - 12/28/2014 

Tony S AvatarTony S

5 star rating Solid Food and Service You can never go wrong with this place. Nothing fancy or outside the norm. Just fresh, well-prepared Mexican fare efficiently served at reasonable prices. - 9/06/2014 

Carly Roses AvatarCarly Roses

- 7/01/2014 

Richard C. Pangburn AvatarRichard C. Pangburn

- 6/30/2014 

Pietro della Maggesa AvatarPietro della Maggesa

- 6/30/2014 

Christy Jennings AvatarChristy Jennings

- 6/25/2014 

Anthony Ruiz AvatarAnthony Ruiz

- 6/10/2014 

Shannon Leavitt AvatarShannon Leavitt

- 6/02/2014 

joyhope Avatarjoyhope

5 star rating Always Good It's a fav for our parents, so whenever we happen to be in town Sunday after service before heading the 6hr drive back home we... read more - 5/28/2014 

Catarino Vega Martinez AvatarCatarino Vega Martinez

- 5/17/2014 

Patricia Mattingly AvatarPatricia Mattingly

- 5/05/2014 

Edgar Gutierrez AvatarEdgar Gutierrez

- 4/24/2014 

Victor Navarro AvatarVictor Navarro

Pv <3 - 4/16/2014 

Mary Crowe AvatarMary Crowe

- 4/15/2014 

Rachel McCall Simmons AvatarRachel McCall Simmons

- 4/10/2014 

Crystal Lynn Dubert AvatarCrystal Lynn Dubert

- 3/05/2014 

Ron Becker AvatarRon Becker

- 2/21/2014 

Patricia Rappa Apoian AvatarPatricia Rappa Apoian

- 2/20/2014 

David Jones AvatarDavid Jones

- 2/14/2014 

Shari Wells Bradshaw AvatarShari Wells Bradshaw

- 1/21/2014 

Lakyn Carder AvatarLakyn Carder

- 1/04/2014